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Lack of Communication is the #1 reason that most relationships fail!
My first experience in buying a house was not the best, and not what I thought it would be...why?  Because my agent did not communicate well. 
I needed to know details about my purchase that were important to me. I needed to know the details of the steps to my purchase; 
including scheduling visits, knowing the amenities of the neighborhood, but most of all; I needed to know that my agent cared about my needs. 
I needed to know that they listened and understood my concerns to the level of detail that made me comfortable with them and my quest for my greatest investment.
Yeah I do know that we live in an era that invokes us to seek instant gratification…email has taken the place of mailing a letter,
a successful weight loss plan is accomplished by losing 50 lbs in 10 minutes only by incorporating tea in your diet (if only it were that easy), 
microwaves replace warming stuff up on the stove, and drive thru fast food TRIES to replace home cooked
meals (seated at the table). We’ve really created a monster! I like the convenience, but at what cost? When do things become personal again?
The decision to purchase a home is PERSONAL and should be all about you and your needs.  Whether you are looking to downsize… upsize….relocate…merge
household’s….invest…or simply make a fresh start, I hope you will consider allowing me to work for you!  I have been thoroughly trained and
confident that no other agent will work as hard as I will! 
Have you ever watched the HGTV channel and just virtually dreamed?  I’m blessed to be doing this in living color. Life can throw a curve ball or two 
and sometimes we just forget how to dream, simply because we are focused on just paying the bills.
I am excited for this opportunity to Dream and help others make their dreams a reality!
Together, let’s make your dream a reality!
Just a little about me…I moved to USA in 2004 and have lived in the Germantown,MD and now in Cary, NC.
I have a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from MS,India.I am blessed with two girls. Current hobbies of mine include spending time with the family,
traveling,music and meeting new people. 

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